At Dryas, part of our mission is to help DevOps practice and thinking grow. To share what we’ve learned, through word and deed, so that others may benefit from our experience. Much of our current knowledge and skills comes from the hard work of others who took time to write a post, give a talk, or organize a meetup. We endeavor to share in kind, and to advance the good work of DevOps teams everywhere.

Conference Talks

DevOps Days Rockies Lightning talk: “Many Hands Make Light work”

DevOps Days Boston “There is No Root Cause – Emergent Behavior in Complex Systems”


DevOps Days Kansas City “Rewriting DevOps – Lessons Learned from a 15 Month Rewrite”

All Day DevOps – “There Is No Root Cause”


Webinars with

Exploring Prometheus

Top 10 Practices of Highly Successful On-Call Teams

Sandstorm or Significant? The Evolving Role of Context in Incident Management

Blogs and E-books with VictorOps

Focus on Readiness: It’s a Good Day for a Game Day

Focus on Analysis: The End of Root Cause

Focus on Remediation: Leverage Runbooks to Reduce MTTR

Focus on Response: Enhanced ChatOps with Slack and VictorOps

Focus on Detection:Prometheus, and the case for time series analysis

The Dev and Ops Guide to Incident Management

Top Ten Practices of Highly Effective DevOps Incident Management Teams

On-Call Ways and Means: A Developer’s Guide

On-Call Handoffs: Empowering Adaptability in Incident Response