Too often mistaken for a destination, DevOps is a journey. All teams, regardless of makeup, tools, culture, or history exist somewhere on that journey. At the core of DevOps is continuous improvement, which any team can adopt, and all can benefit from. Let Dryas work for you, within your teams to deliver on the promise of DevOps.


Dryas represents years of experience in application design for on-premise and cloud environments. There is no simple answer to modern Infrastructure requirements. What’s needed is thoughtful analysis and experiential insight to inform your direction. Whether it’s your customer facing storefront, or an internal application, there’s a price/scale/risk fit to be found.


When to stretch, when to maintain, what to expect, and how to cope. Dryas provides advice and mentoring to startups, engineers and executives. Leadership is making a decision; management is making it work. Dryas can help you on both sides of the semicolon.